Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Review: The Sunday Arrangement by Lucy Smith

If somebody told me that one day I’d find myself reading an erotica novel I’d tell them that they were nuts, and obviously I’d be wrong. Since I read just every kind of literature there is out there, I’ve decided to give this "The Sunday Arrangement" a try, if not for anything else for the fun of it.

And you know what, it is a fun read. It’s a book that takes itself seriously and lightly at the same time. To start with one of the main protagonists is called Pierce Maverick; and this is one of those cases when a name tells it all. Then there’s an unforgettable woman called Kat who’s the heroine’s best friend, and who’s absolutely into everything. And then there’s the heroine herself, Lauren, a woman with oppressed desires.

Okay this is the classic story of a woman meeting a man and taking a leap of faith with him when it comes to her sexuality. But it’s also a story about the business world, about fathers who are nothing but good and children who are trying to find their way into a world of hypocrisy and wealth, who like it or not are always on the limelight. There’s a touch of mystery here as well, as someone seems to try to sabotage everyone’s life.

The writing is quite good, the story flows effortlessly and in the end this book is, as I’ve already pointed out, a fun one to read. The friends of the genre will love it; the other readers may just secretly enjoy it.