Sunday, January 31, 2010

Faith Thomas - The Piano

"Why do mom and dad always have to be away?" Dott asked in her whiney voice as she asks everyday now. "Do we really have to stay with grandmot…?" "Dott stop! I tell you this all the time, mom and dad are at work and they will be home in a few days." Eliza Rosalyne knew that she was lying to her sister; she knew where her parents were but didn’t find it necessary to tell her little sister. Eliza Rosalyne and Dotts’ mother and father were getting divorced and the children had to live with their grandmother until everything was final. Eliza Rosalyne wanted to protect her little sister from the pain and thoughts that her parents were no longer together. "Go to bed Dott, we have a very long day tomorrow." Tomorrow was Sunday and that was chore day in her grandmother’s house. Their grandmother’s house was more like a Victorian mansion; it was a huge, old dark house on a lake as if it were right out of a horror film.

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