Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review: A Raging Storm by Richard Castle

The second volume of the eBook novel featuring the not so retired agent Derrick Storm, A Raging Storm, starts like this: “A dead United States senator was in his arms.”

How did he end up there? That we already know from the first part of the story, A Brewing Storm. A sniper shot Senator Thurston Winslow from the roof of the police headquarters building in Washington D.C.

Before he died though, he managed to whisper a few words into Storm’s ear: “Midas. Jedidiah knows.”

Jedidiah Jones was Storm’s former boss, a man to whom he owes his life, and he was the one who called him in, in order to help save the Senator’s stepson who’s been kidnapped; something which did not turn really well either, as he also ended up dead.

Storm needs to think things out to make a sense of what is really happening, but right now time is not a luxury he can afford; he has a killer to catch. Thus he goes after him, along with FBI agent April Showers, with whom right from the start, he has a certain love and hate relationship. She doesn’t like him but he likes her. On the other hand, he seems to like all women.

Anyway, the killer escapes and once again they are trying to pick up the pieces left behind. Time though, as I already said, is not on their side, so in a rush, they have to pack up their things and fly to London, where they are scheduled to meet Ivan Petrov, an oligarch and sworn enemy of Russian president Oleg Barkovsky.

The way the author describes Barkovsky brings to mind president Putin, as he is also a populist and autarchic leader, who’s determined to take the country back to the glory days of the former Soviet Union, while allowing elections to take place and the market to reign free. His rhetoric turns time and again against the western powers, who are trying to undermine Russia.

Well, the Americans and the Brits are not enemies with the Russians anymore, but they are not good friends either. So they are trying, under a cover of deep secrecy, to help Petrov move on with his plans of undermining Barkovsky’s authority.

However, there seems to be a traitor in their ranks, since the arrival of agent Showers in London, all of a sudden, becomes public knowledge, while certain people seem to have them on their scope: their rooms are bugged, they are followed wherever they go, and the people they talk with, well, they seem to hide more than what they say.

Storm, is much more experienced than his colleague in this game, but that will not prove enough to help them avoid new and serious trouble. The two of them will come time and again face to face with double agents, expert assassins and traitors, and at the end of the day they’ll just try to save whatever can be saved from what now seems to be an unavoidable wreck.

Who to trust anymore they do not know, so it is up to them to make things right. How? Well, I guess we’ll find out next month, when A Bloody Storm comes out.

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