Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review: John Doe by Tess Gerritsen

John Doe is an eBook short. It tells the story about how Dr. Maura Isles came to be the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

It all begins a beautiful night in Boston when Dr. Isles attends a cocktail party at the Museum of Science. She doesn’t really want to be there, but since she’s in the museum’s committee and the event is a benefit, she has no choice.

She’s bored at first but things seem to get better when she’s approached by a handsome man called Eli Kilgour, who also happens to be a generous donor. Soon enough they start talking and flirting and one thing leads to another and then, nothing.

Maura wakes up the next day in her living room having a really bad headache and feeling dizzy, but unable to recall what really happened the night before. Her last memory is that of having a drink with Kilgour. How did she get home? Did they make love? And, what the hell is going on?

The last question is what this story is all about. What happened between her leaving the party and waking up this morning? Well, maybe Jane Rizzoli has the answers, as she shows up at her door just to let her know that the body of an unidentified man has been found in a park, and in whose pocket they have found one of her professional cards.

Jane will show the shocked Maura a picture of the victim who will turn out to be Eli Kilgour. He’s been stabbed several times and apart from Dr. Isles no one else seems to have been in contact with him.

Did she kill him? She can’t recall. Her lapses of memory can only mean one thing, that she’s been drugged. But when did that happen? And why? Is someone trying to frame her for murder?

Maura trusts Jane and her partners but she can’t sit still and let them do all the work, because she simply has to know the truth. As time goes by though things become more complicated. As it turns out the man was not who he was pretending to be, and her case is in some way connected with some others that took place in the past.

There’s a puzzle to be solved and the pieces, sooner or later, will come one after the other together. And the end will arrive with a bang. Great plot and beautiful storytelling.

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