Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Age of the Coupon

The western world is sailing in turbulent economic waters. The salaries are going down, jobs are lost, the poor are getting poorer, and the rich are not getting richer as fast as they used to. Sometimes it’s really difficult to make ends meet, not to mention buying something or some things that are necessary for one’s home. And that’s exactly why I’ve decided to title this article The Age of the Coupon.

Coupons of course are nothing new; you could see them around for decades now; on products’ packages, on advertising material, in newspapers and magazines; and they, as much as everything else nowadays, have also taken a fancy to the internet.

At the beginning not many people would feed their buying habits with them. In the old days you could go to a supermarket or a mall, and watch elderly people using them or the very poor, but the middle-class people mostly shied away from them, as if they would get stigmatized if they were seen making a transaction with them. During the last few years though, things have changed dramatically. The recession have bitten people badly and they had to find ways to save money to make their lives a little bit easier; so as unlikely that would seem a few years ago, they started using coupons, if not for any reason because they could find them everywhere.

Now, most coupons have a short life span, but others don’t. In either case, their use is nowadays a must, whether you’re buying in person or through the internet. You know how people say that one should enjoy the finer things in life every now and then? Well, coupons do well when it comes to serving that purpose, whatever your vice may be. If you would like a new gadget or DVD box set, a new mobile phone or a pair of special gloves, a tablet or even a simple cap, coupons can help you realize your dreams without too much economic bleeding.

My own vice is books. I’ve been using Amazon to buy my books for years, especially since there never seemed to be any other alternatives out there, in my part of the world. I remember how I longed for the big packages to be delivered with my books neatly settled inside them; what a joy it was to get a new volume in my hands! But now I, just as much as the times, have changed. I’ve entered the electronic age, and, even though I hate to admit it, I’ve never looked back. The e-books come cheap and fast, and they can find me everywhere. And what’s even better is that they can come in cheaper yet, thanks to the coupons.

But of course the coupons can benefit you just as much, or even more, as they do me. My needs may be very specific but yours could be varied and demand a large amount of money; money that these days is hard to come by. I know people that spend a lot of time in the internet looking for bargains, whether they’re furnishing a home or buying an mp4player, whether they’re movie freaks or pure music fans. These are the people that could benefit the most from the digital coupon explosion. And if they don’t know where to look to find what they need, they should worry no more, since now there are websites created and operated exactly for this purpose. One of the best out there is Promo Code 4 Share which collects, among other things, the best offers that Amazon has to offer and serves them hot on your plate. Thanks to websites like this shopping, despite the economic meltdown, can still be a little bit fun, and interesting as well, since the coupon hunters can find in there, if they search hard enough, products that will surely meet their needs.

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