Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Review: The Hit by David Baldacci

I don’t know how David Baldacci managed to write two great novels in a row but he did, and that’s what counts. A few months ago he surprised us with the second installment of his John Puller series “The Forgotten”(review here), which was much better than the first novel, and now he pulls the same trick with his Will Robie vehicle “The Hit”.

If there’s one thing someone can always come to expect from a Baldacci novel is high-octane action, unconventional heroes, conspiracy theories and enough twists and turns to make their head spin. If you add to that mix the “sympathy for the devil” element, then you’ll come to understand what this book is all about.

I’m not saying that Will Robie is the devil, but he’s as close to him as they come, since he’s a gun for hire; though the US government’s gun for hire. He’s a cold-blooded assassin, someone who’s supposed to have no feelings, who’s trained to follow orders without any second thought, and who’s not supposed to have a mind of his own. But is that even humanly possible? At first glance it looks as it is, but as the plot unravels and the mysteries, as well as the bodies, start piling up, things seem to change. And soon enough Robie doesn’t only start to question the motives of his superiors, but also those of himself. He’s supposed to be the good guy, no matter what he does; he’s serving his country; but are the rest of the people just as patriotic, or in some cases blindsided as he is?

That’s not the only question that arises in his mind though; there are too many to list. Could he one day have a normal life? Could he connect with people like others do? Was he right to stay afar from the girl whose life he saved? Could he be loved? As one can easily guess, Robie is damaged goods. However, as it seems, he’s not in this hell of a life all alone. There’s a rogue agent who’s in just a bad place, or even worst, as he is. And there are people, who in the names of patriotism or ambition, are willing to do just about everything; even become mass murderers, if that’s what it takes.

Baldacci has given us yet another explosive novel, with lots of action and well-drawn characters that can take one’s breath away, and which I’ve read in one sit. I’d highly recommend it to all his faithful fans, but also to anyone else out there who enjoys a good thriller.

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