Friday, June 26, 2015

Shut up

Don't tell me what I can and cannot do.
I can do everything.
Since always.
But what for me matters the most is
the moment.
And every moment is different.
It once leads me one way and then the other.
My dreams can wait.
But not for long.
Let your dreams for me wait
they'll never come true.
I was born free a master of myself
and not your underling.
And if I've chosen some forms of slavery
they were part of my learning process
a process that doesn't seem to seek to come
to an end.
I have not forgotten your words and exhortations
but I never wanted to partake
to the secret of the daily misery
that you call life.
Your way of thinking is ephemeral and
it's only purpose is the transient vindication
of your expectations.
I think of the past
study the present
and visualize without even trying
the future.
So, at long last you should shut up
and let me be myself
my own ruler
and if your dreams for me don't come true
worry not
mine one day will.

This was originally written in Greek.

The image was taken from here.

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