Thursday, August 20, 2015


For a long long time I used to wander like a ghost,
In the shadows of the night,
From place to place,
From nothing to naught.
I had nowhere to go, not really,
I was simply wandering seeking the yet unknown,
A suspicion of belief that kept evading me.
But I found it not.
And then came other days, plentiful nights,
Nights of a solitary fellowship.
And I, without even realizing it,
Kept continuing my quest,
Though somewhat differently,
Among people I knew, empty people,
Whilst drinking wine weakened by the filters of lethe.
And all that while my insides were still bleeding.
Bleeding out of rage and sorrow,
Out of nostalgia and endurance,
Bleeding out of boredom.
And then came the explosion,
The one inside,
The most redemptive,
The most painful,
And all of a sudden the ears of the soul opened wide
And they began to listen…
To listen to the volumes that silence spoke,
Telling all the truths,
Which the people were unwilling to hear.
Then, as now, they only dared listen to
the echo of their own emptiness.

The image was taken from here.

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