Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hitomi Kanehara – Snakes and Earrings Quotes

Search for Hitomi Kanehara “Think about it. God has to be a sadist to give people life.”
“So I guess you’re saying Mary was a masochist?”
“Yeah. Guess so.”

I wanted to live recklessly and leave nothing behind but ashes in this dark, dull world.

All I wanted was to be part of an underground world where the sun doesn’t shine, there are no serenades, and the sound of children’s laughter is never, ever heard.

I flipped through brain-dead variety shows and comatose documentaries for a while before turning the TV off.

I often like to think that if sunlight reached into everywhere on the entire planet, I’d find a way to turn myself into a shadow.

With Ama’s words, the atmosphere quickly returned to normal. Well, at least as normal as it could be considering I was sitting between a guy who’d beat someone beyond recognition for me and another who wanted to kill me.

…there’s no point in me waiting for a solution when I don’t even have a problem in the first place. Life just seemed so empty, that’s all.

…whenever a tiny seed of hope took root in me and began to grow, it was always crashed by a heavy downpour of self-loathing.

I wondered which would be better-to work as a prostitute to live, or to die rather than work as one? I’d say the latter answer would be the one chosen by the healthy mind, but then again, there’s not really anything healthy about being dead.

What does go through someone’s mind when they kill someone anyway? Do they think about the future? The people they care about? Their life all the way up to that moment? And how could I even begin to guess? I was a person who could see no future for myself; a person who cared about no one.

All I could do was escape from reality, but every time I tried to escape from the pain, that same pain told me that I had probably been falling in love with him.

Screw you. Go to hell, you fuckers. I wish I had a great vocabulary to fully express the extent of my pain and hatred. But I don’t. I’m just pathetic. That’s all I am.

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