Thursday, February 7, 2013

Book Review: Cold, Cold Heart by Karin Slaughter

Cold, Cold Heart is an old story that came to life anew thanks to the eBook single format. This is the story of Pam, a lonely woman and a teacher, who’s heading to California from Georgia, to deliver something. But, if you want to know what, and to whom, you’ll have to read the tale.

Pam is one of those unfortunate souls, whose lives look at best cursed. She’s never had enough joy, and she’s never lived up to her potential, and for that she mostly blames, her ex, and now dead husband, John. The latter had a complete control of her life during their twenty years together. He set the rules, and she followed. He ordered, and she obeyed. She was a good woman, and he was a bad man. And yet, he was the one that was destined to live the big life; a life we learn about through her mental journeys down memory lane.

As one would expect Pam feels wronged, and bitter. Everything could be different, better, if she had the courage to stand up to him, to make him realize that he wasn’t the center of her universe, or of any universe when it came to that. But she didn’t, and things just followed a downward spiral for her, an upward for him.

However, right now, and for the first time in ages, she’s in full control of her life. She’s changed, the smiles have returned, and even though she’s over fifty, she feels rejuvenated. What was it that changed everything? A simple act; a spontaneous reaction to some facts which gave her the opportunity to have the last laugh, when it came to her relationship with John.

His cruelty, his superiority, his sarcasm, had followed her for many years, but right now it’s payback time, and whether things go right or wrong, nothing can change that; she’ll have her revenge.

This reads as a quite plain story at first, but as the narration moves on it becomes more and more interesting, and the final twist wraps everything up in a brilliant way, taking the reader by surprise; just the way it should.

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