Friday, October 4, 2013

Crime Factory Issue 14

The new issue of Crime Factory magazine just came out and I have to say (really, I HAVE to say it) that it's a must-read. "And why is that?" one may ask. There's a simple answer to that: it includes two book reviews I have written (one of which contains a small mistake, not mine, but oops anyway). The books in question are Reckoning by R Thomas Brown and Unseen by Karin Slaughter.

Yes, I know, reading my reviews doesn't qualify as a good enough reason to buy the magazine, but what about all the other reviews, the interviews and the fiction, with and by, Indy authors? What about the quality articles? And what about the chance to discover some new great crime fiction talent?

Did I sell it to you yet? If not, never mind. Maybe one day you'll come to discover the pleasures of reading this magazine all by yourselves.

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