Sunday, October 20, 2013

Book Review: The 5:2 Fast Diet: Easy, Healthy and Delectable Low Calorie Recipes That You Can Make Now by Diana Clayton

Being on a diet is in some ways a necessity these days. Most of us live in fast food nations, which means that we consume food that’s not only healthy, but also full of calories.

Diets have been around for a long time, but not all of them worked. In the old times most people used to fast, something that helped their bodies recover all the lost energy and, of course, burn fat.

How does someone exactly do that, without suffering that is, seems to be the question in everyone’s mind. According to the author of this well-researched and handy guide, the answer is: quite easily. Intermittent fasting is the solution to the problem. As we read it does not only help someone lose weight, but it also reduces the risk of disease and improves mental health.

The great majority of the people that go on a diet and fail to follow through, seem to blame the lack of variety in their food choices for the fact. This book however can make liars out of them, since it doesn’t only provide dozens of recipes within its pages, but it also highlights how many calories are included in each meal. So the people can choose what to eat, each according to their needs. And the best part is that they only have to do it just twice a week.

A diet can be a difficult process for some people, but at the same time it can be an exhilarating experience, as during it they could discover quite a few culinary pleasures that will cost them almost nothing, and which will help them achieve their goals. All they have to do is try, and there’s not a better place to start than in the pages of this book. This is one of the best diet guides out there, at least in my humble opinion.

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