Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love is Looking for a Sally by Maro Vlahaki

The night is dressed in black.
Yet my gray dreams are alight.
In a dreary chamber I am caged,
a blue-painted lamp my only light,
the lantern of expectation seems aged.

The caress is but a graze.
The gaze a wound on parched bread.
Spring is sleeping on sheets of ice,
the years a knapsack hard to heave
and yet love is looking for a sally.

The day is dressed in white.
My dreams the rays of the sun they chase,
and on a blooming pomegranate tree they climb.
As my senses there play and sweat,
to the path of expectation they lead me.

The music is like a caress.
A nightingale's song rings through the streams.
The ivy's shiny green strings,
my lost years together bind.
And thus my love I take for a sally.

Translated from Greek by yours truly.
Image taken by the man himself.

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