Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sea Lover

She was standing at the old pier
staring towards the sun's rise.
The morning breeze was caressing her face
the waves that were rhythmically dancing
below her feet were kissing her senses awake.
In her whole life she may have never loved
anything more than the sea
mother, she used to call her -
because it was a she.
Her eyes were set on her for
hours days years
she thought that she should have been born
a fish to be constantly in her waters
or at least a bird to gaze at her from above.
A romantic? Yes, that she truly was.
At a time when words had lost their meaning
and people had misplaced the colors
she kept looking towards the endless blue
capturing its salty pulses
before closing her eyes and setting sail
through oceans of dreams
skies of emotions
breaths of freedom.

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