Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where is my Beauty by Lili Zografou

Ungrateful heart, were all those years that I waited for you not enough? My love for you knew no boundaries. And I've treated my own people without mercy. I haven't even shed a tear when my mother passed away. Your heavy shadow kept me apart from everybody else. It was enormous, like the distances that divided us, like your almost constant silence which multiplied as the years went by to a-sort-of perpetual death. I have never loved you that much, not as much as your death hurt me. How many? Thirty? And the days three hundred and sixty five and the nights double that number. You became an eternity that was missing from my shining youth, which started deeming because of the sleepless nights that began to blur, since it could no longer illuminate the adoration of your gaze that unsettled my guilty walk as it slipped quietly into the half-darkness, while drums where beating in my heart, you fool, you fool, I quietly said to my myself, as if praying, the moment I got away from the conspiratorial whispers in my home that were no doubt plotting some act of sabotage assisted by the guerrilla that was hiding in the cellar, the short hero that would blow you to pieces. The last stab of the knife of my treason would stop my heart from beating the moment I saw the bronze medals of your uniform shining in the dark and as all of a sudden your arms were spread like wings I could only feel the sound of the oceans that encircled me, which delivered me into the wetness of your lips and everything turned to chaos. And truly that was the birth of the Lord and I'd get lost through His love and sing with my body hymns to the harp of the earth. Lord, Lord, blessed is your birth...

An excerpt from a somewhat difficult to translate book by the Greek author, Lili Zografou. Forgive me if this is not perfect but the text is quite poetic and it's not easy to do it justice. I will work on it more eventually.

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