Sunday, April 20, 2008

Martha’s Drama

For a change here's one of my stories. Please be kind:)

She was crying for days without end. She had lost the one she loved, her one and only beloved. Since the day he died her whole world has started falling apart, her life has lost every meaning. Her mind and soul couldn’t really accept the awful truth in all its dimensions. Why did he die? How could he do that to her? It was unfair, painful and wrong, so wrong.
Before she met him she used to say to her friends and close family that what she really needed was somebody to love! Yes, she needed someone and she repeated it monotonously just like that old Queen favourite: “I need, somebody to love. I need, somebody to love. Somebody, somebody, somebody to love…”
It was not long before she found that special one and from that day on her life became more colorful, her being acquired essence. He was exactly what she hoped for; tender, caring and sweet, and always willing to listen to what she had to say. In a word he was perfect. Johnny was. From day one of his presence in her life he made her happy, she was always with a smile on her face. Just his being there made her feel like a princess in an imaginary kingdom, where she had everything she wished for, but most importantly: “Somebody, somebody, somebody to love…”
During their, alas, brief time together they’ve managed to live a lot of beautiful moments; moments of happiness and serenity, of beauty and of true love. Martha thought that nothing, absolutely nothing could ever separate them; that they were made for each other. For her, having Johnny by her side meant, that she’d never be in pain again, never ever shed a tear of sorrow.
At nights, when he was asleep she used to lie awake for long just staring at him. He looked so beautiful, so little, so weak, just like a child, her child. But of course a child he was not, he was her beloved; the one she always dreamed of. So when he suddenly and quite unexpectedly died she felt like losing the ground under her feet. “At least he didn’t have to suffer for long,” she told herself. He got sick and died at almost no time at all, just like his life was a candle blown off by an invisible whisper of the wind.
There were not many people at the funeral. Just a few close friends and her close family. It was as if he did not ever exist in the eyes of other people. As if his life and death were of no importance. Martha cried and cried, in sobs, for many days, non-stop. She had lost her beloved one. How could she ever get over the pain that, like a furious fire, consumed her soul?
“I need, somebody to love. I need, somebody to love. Somebody, somebody, somebody to love…” she started thinking and grievously singing once more, but where could she ever find again someone like him, someone who loved her for who she really was?
As time passed and she wouldn’t stop crying, she started turning people around her crazy; with her endless weeping, with the pain and the tears that were always running streaming wild on her smooth pale face. “Until when? Until when, her heart will belong to yesterday? And when will she at last manage to understand that life does not begin and end at a person? And when will she start smiling again?” That’s what her parents wondered; but not for a single moment did they stop hoping that time would eventually heal the wounds. But it didn’t. Day after day Martha seemed more resigned from life, free of hope and joy. Their daughter looked like she was falling apart. And they knew that there could be but one solution to her problems; she had to find somebody to love. So, after they discussed all the details between them, the poor and desperate mother - who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown - headed for the girl’s room to break the good news to her. But when she found her crying and raving like crazy she just couldn’t control her temper. “Martha, listen to me. Listen to me, Martha. Marthaaaaaaaaaaa, shut the fuck up. Shut up! We’re going to buy you another hamster!” On hearing the good news the little girl lifted her cute and teary head from the pillows and gave her mother the most sweet of smiles, an angel-like one. Oh yeah, at long last, she would once again have, somebody to love. “I’ll have, somebody to love. I’ll have, somebody to love. Somebody, somebody, somebody to love…”

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