Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hitomi Kanehara – Autofiction Quotes

What is hysteria, after all? It’s a disease of the pussy.

I live with the sole purpose of making my boring life even more boring by providing a boring commentary for my everyday boring life through a boring voice in my head.

I need to stay calm. Restrain myself. I have this tendency to think I’m right and make others feel bad. I need to remember that even I’m wrong sometimes.

There is really no point in basing one illusion on another.

Nobody has a time or place where they are free from the danger of death. People forget that, People live their lives with the basic assumption that they will still be alive the day after. I can’t live like that.

To love is to die.

Anger is similar to maggots. It multiplies in no time at all and quickly reaches an uncontrollable state.

I’ve chosen a life in which there is no place for excuses.

I’m living my life as a kite that has no home to go to.

Endurance is what my life is all about… I basically need to endure every moment of my life…

Perhaps hell is a fun place and even fun places can be hell, or perhaps hell is turning into a fun place day after day.

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