Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maria Polidouri - Young Man

Young man, with the colorless glance, with the tight lips
Your sorrow has made my dark heart blossom.
But I did not dare reach to you then and now I do not dare
And thus I’ve followed the familiar path into my darkness.

Some other hopes I see happily dance around you;
A sweet smile full of promises you carry.
But farther away all the time I drift, so no one will be able to see
In my telling eyes my vain secret.

And if she took me not onto her light wings
The belief of joy, so that I could dream,
I can see you sweetly smile to her call
And I wish that that was not but an illusion.

Your melancholy that I have loved, I wish to never see
Against you rise as an inevitable catastrophe,
And, my futile love, as a joy of the wind I wish
It will again someday be and of an unappeased mania’s the fuel.

Copyright for the translation: Lakis Fourouklas

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