Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Have No Tears by Maria Polydouri

No, for you I have no tears anymore
you lying night, with your jewelry
and with your electric eyes.

In your call I remain silent like a grave.
And my nostalgic songs
and my loves like a shredded thread are they.

I used to believe in your beauty once
and a heart I'd become full of pain.
From your loves both and your nails.

Now I see you with horror getting close.
Do not caress me so modestly,
my hatred is the only thing you raise.

Translated from Greek by yours truly.

The image was taken from here.


Primomattino 2010 said...

Hello, Lakis! I am a poet and translator from Russia, I know Italian and translate the Italian poetry and prose, but my English is not so well, so I ask you ti exuse my mistakes. Recently, I have begun to learn modern Greek, but it seems to be a quite difficult task. And I like the poems (and the very person) of Maria Polydouri and I try to translate some her poems in Russian. May I ask you for help in some difficult cases? I promise to not disturb you too frequently...

Thank you. Best wishes,

Sergey Durasov

lakis fourouklas said...

Sergey, I'd love to help if I can, but I'm very busy these days so I may not be able to answer your questions right away. Some of her poems I find hard to translate myself because they contain words that are no longer in use, but I'll do my best for you when the need arises.

Primomattino 2010 said...

Lakis, thank you for your kind response. For me the most difficult problem is syntax. As for the words that are not longer in use, it's not so difficult, because I have a dictionary printed in 1951 and prepared by a Russian hellenist of the old school, so there are many archaic words and variants. I have already resolved my difficulty, but in the future, if you don't object, I shall ask you some questions, waiting for your facility to respond with patience.

lakis fourouklas said...

I hope everything works out fine for you. If you need some help you know where to find me.

Primomattino 2010 said...

Thank you very, very much!