Monday, July 6, 2015

I Saw You by Ana Zumani

I saw you with love feeding an ant
Your father's pretty face touch with a tender hand
I saw you sacred symbols in books engrave
in front of rude people I saw you turn pale
I saw you chatting friendly with a cat
and a love affair for naught turn to dust
I saw you in the wood getting drunk
with the leaves' distinct aroma
in a now yellow prairie dance
and to the summer wave farewell alas
I saw you grow up in routine and also learn
how your life's mysterious web like a spider spread
I saw you indecisive at crossroads lie in wait
and elsewhere signs and landmarks with red ribbons braid
I sat in the corner so that I'd disturb you not
though as long as I live I'll watch and love you a lot.

Translated from Greek by yours truly.

The image was taken from here.

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