Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dear You II

Dear You,
It looks like the rainy season has already arrived here in the north of Thailand. For more than a week we daily get at least one rain shower in Chiang Mai, while the skies are cloudy all the time. However, luckily, we did see a bit of the sun today, but it is a bit windy. If the wind grows any stronger that means that we’ll have rain by tonight.
As for the way of life here, it’s peaceful as ever; more peaceful than ever rather, since the tourist industry, at least in Chiang Mai, has taken a plunge. You don’t see too many “young and restless” people going around anymore, and a number of businesses are facing financial problems. More and more “For Rent” or “For Sale” signs appear by the day.
Of course the Greek restaurant, Zorba’s, managed to go out of business, even before the “crisis” started. “No good food and very expensive” is what people used to say about it. The closing down of that place is such a shame, since many other restaurants that specialize in foreign cuisine, have been doing well over the years.
Talking of food, I can say without any hesitation, that Chiang Mai is a “hungry man’s” paradise. There’s a huge number of Thai or foreign restaurants and fast food franchises here. For some, of course, the best option is to grab a plate of delicious freshly cooked meal at one of the many road food stalls. If you come to this city, you’ll never miss “mama’s cooking”, that’s for sure!
Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to sign off for now, since I’ve still got some work to (yep, boring stuff, like writing and translating), but I promise to write again as soon as possible.
Until then,
Be well and keep smiling

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