Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear You III

Life in Chiang Mai goes on peacefully as ever; however now people are openly complaining about the lack of tourists. If the number of tourists visiting the city, remains as low for one more year, lots of establishments will go out of business. But, besides that, and strangely enough, more and more new restaurants and guest houses seem to spring up day after day.
As for me personally, well, I spend my time rewriting my old Greek short stories and taking some mental notes for future works. I’m currently reading a couple of my old novels and try to figure out a way of translating them into English without losing much of their “meaning”.
Talking about writing, the last ten and a half months have been quite hectic for yours truly, since during the given time period I’ve written or rewritten a big novel, a couple of novellas and two collections of short stories – all in Greek I’m afraid. The only problem for the time being is that I have no publisher, but that’s ok, I’ll get over it.
I’ve just started reading David Baldacci’s The Christmas Train, while before that I took a dive into Michael Connelly’s A Darkness More Than Night.
I spend my nights eating out, mostly Thai food at P.M. Restaurant at Loi Kroh Soi 3, and playing pool and drinking beer at John’s Place, right here in Moon Muang Road.
And that wraps it up for today. If anything new and exciting comes up I’ll let you know.
Drink well and be merry, my friends.

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