Friday, May 16, 2008

Dear You V

We finally caught a glimpse of the sun today. And by today I mean just for an hour this afternoon, since before and after we had a few short spells of showers or fon tok, if you prefer it in Thai.
The last few days have not been too busy for me, since after finishing with the rewriting of my short story collection I needed some time to “chill out” and gather my thoughts, so I did little more than reading. I’ve just finished David Baldacci’s “Split Second” and started Michael Connelly’s “The Closers”. They are both exciting reads as usual.
Since yesterday afternoon I’m back on (my writing) truck. I’ve started writing yet another novella in Greek, which is all about the break up of a couple and the tragic consequences in their lives. It’s supposed to be a quite simple and plain story about people and emotions, but I intend to finish it with a “Bang” that will blow the whole narration apart. I’ll tell you more when the time comes.
As you can understand I’m in a good mood, but I’m a bit upset as well, because the story I’m writing now came out of the blue and so I didn’t quite get the chance to start working on the translation of one of my previous novels in English. Oh well, as they (don’t) say: “second things first”.
And that wraps it up for today.
Cheers from the rainy city of Chiang Mai

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