Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear You 10

This is a very sad but yet happy man that writes to you today from Chiang Mai. Sad, because tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving my beloved city for Cyprus; happy, because I just found out that my last novel will probably come out in Greece by the end of the year, by a big time Greek publisher.
Will I miss Chiang Mai? Well, I cannot say for certain. The last time I was here I said I would return never again, but yet a hundred days later I was on my way back; and that is that. What I usually say that I like about this city is the slow pace of life. The truth is though, that I follow exactly the same pace back home. In the end, maybe I just need to move from the one place to the other, every now and then, to find inspiration and make the changes that I often need in my life.
Did I get here what I came for? I think I did. I wish I got or rather did more though; meaning I wish I wrote more. But, nevertheless, writing 55 thousand words in less than two months is not so bad I’d dare say; and reading 19 books is not bad either.
Talking on a more personal level I did meet a few very interesting and quite inspirational people here. No! Not Thai ladies. That’s not why I come here. I do have some female Thai friends I go out with and have fun every now and then though. The main problem that an “eccentric” so-called writer has to face when hanging out with Thai ladies is that when you tell them that you need some time for yourself, they really don’t seem to understand what you are talking about. I do agree with them on one thing though: “Thinking too much is bad for you!” But yet again, how can you stop your self from thinking?
Anyway, it’s time to move on to another subject, and this is quite important. The quiet nights at the pub came to an end as the EURO 2008 cup matches began. The funny thing is that most of the people watching the games, cheering, getting drunk and aggressive are English, whose team did not qualify!
Oh well, I think I’ll leave things at that. If all goes right and I don’t get stuck in Bangkok or Bahrain I shall write to you again on Friday from Nicosia.
Until then, take care and read well.

p.s. I’ve got over my flu
p.s.s I’ve finished reading Michael Connelly’s “Blood Work” and started with the “Void Moon”. Jeffery Deaver with “The Sleeping Doll” will follow.


Indeterminacy said...

I had no idea you were such a famous author. Congratulations on being published! Adais is your blog, right? Thank you for including me here in your blogroll. I am also glad you have a site that I can read (English). Do you know, one of my favorite books is a volume with the complete works of Edgar allan Poe. So much brilliance, even in the lessor known pieces. Tell Tale Heart, which you posted recently, we had to read several times in school.

Λάκης Φουρουκλάς - Lakis Fourouklas said...

I'm afraid i'm not famous at all. I've only published four books in greek which sold a few hundred copies each. However, according to some exclusive information from... myself, things are bound to get better soon...