Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ami Sakurai – Innocent World Quotes

Every so often the world and I drifted far, far apart this way.

According to the world, the sex was terribly abnormal.

I saw having sex with complete strangers as being no different from masturbating. Never in my dreams did I fear it would change me in any way.

If I were labeled “The Erotic Corpse” and left at an art museum, I would have been a major attraction.

My heart was like the after-image of a dream, and even that trace seemed to disappear. It was scary.

Getting into bed with him was harder to picture than having sex with a Minotaur in the labyrinths of hell.

Masaki’s confession ushered in a kind of intimacy that didn’t have anything to do with sex. It was like friendship, just more lonesome and poignant.

Didn’t bringing a new life into the world atone for my being?

The amnesty was cancelled and I was going back to the prison of pointless life.

Why do people try to patch up their own wounds with the ugly decomposed flesh and blood of others? Knowing they’ll crumble and collapse.

Don’t ever rely on parents, relatives, boyfriends, buddies, anyone like that. If you take that advice to heart, you’ll never have to despair whatever happens to you in life.

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