Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Banana Yoshimoto – Hardboiled & Hard Luck Quotes

Her life was like a pale shadow of life, given form by innumerable layers of anguish.

People tend to think they break up because they get tired of the person they’ve been with – that it’s someone’s decision, either yours or theirs. But this isn’t really true. Periods in our lives end the way seasons change. That’s all there is to it.

…And when you take a spill, you can always rise up from it with something good in your hand.

I always focus on the present, so why does the passage of time make me so sad?

…None of this mattered for my sister who was dying. This was a sacred time set aside for us survivors to think about issues we didn’t usually consider. To focus on the unbearable only marred what was sacred.

In the world we now lived in, the good times were a hundred times better.

…I lived in a world of overwhelming sensations; it was like I had just fallen out of love.

These songs had seen my sister through the last September of her life. They weren’t selected for that role, it just happened that way.

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