Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coming soon, at a bookshop near you

Last Tuesday The Guardian published an article about The best books for spring 2011. Since I couldn’t share it through here, I thought I’d just give you the titles of the books suggested by Alison Flood.

1.    At Last by Edward St Aubyn
2.    Ghost Milk: Calling Time on The Grand Project by Ian Sinclair
3.    A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
4.    There But For The by Ali Smith
5.    The Forgotten Waltz by Anne Enright

As much as I’m a fan of literary fiction though I also like crime novels and thrillers, and most of my favorite American writers have new books coming out soon; too soon actually. It’s like someone told them that they just have to produce two or three novels a year. For how long can they stay at the top of their game at that pace though? That’s the big question. Maybe everyone is trying to imitate the James Patterson industry. Anyway, here’s the list:

The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly (This one is out already. It received very good reviews by the professional critics, but the fans absolutely “buried” it at Amazon for its expensive price as an eBook)

A Drink Before The War by Dennis Lehane (paperback)

Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver (The new 007 novel. I hope Mr. Bond gets a new life…)

The Sixth Man by David Baldacci

Yet another Baldacci creation One Summer, will be coming out in June, as well as No Rest For The DeadNo Rest for the Dead, a novel co-authored by no more no less than 25 crime writers, and which comes with a forward from, yes, David Baldacci.

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