Monday, April 11, 2011

Show me the money. The rich crime writers

It looks like that crime does pay after all. Here's a list of the richest crime writers in the UK, as published yesterday in The Guardian:

Ian Fleming £100m+
Agatha Christie £100m
Jeffrey Archer £70m
Jack Higgins £50m+
Ken Follett £50m
Dick Francis, just under £50m
Ruth Rendell £30m+
Lee Child £30m
Ian Rankin £25m
Alexander McCall Smith £20m

And here are the top earners in the USA:

John Grisham $600m
Dan Brown $400m
Patricia Cornwell $300m+
Robert Ludlum $300m
Michael Crichton $300m
Michael Connelly $250m
Thomas Harris $150m
Elmore Leonard $100m
Ed McBain $75m
James Ellroy $50m

Oh my Buddha, I really need to start working on the crime novel that I always talked about. Peace...

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